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Harmony Film & Post Production Sound

Here at Harmony Event Productions, we understand the importance that the sound in a film plays in telling a story. From a perfect mix generating an emotional reaction from the audience to the backgrounds and sound effects  immersing the audience completely in the setting of the story, our team has what it takes to put it all together and get it done.


SOUND DESIGN – Harmony’s sound team was brought in to create the sound effects and mix all of the different sonic elements together for Intel’s CES 2014 Keynote Presentation. This project highlights Intel’s 5d interactive technology allowing tablet users to view a 1000 foot whale from any angle inside of the Venetian Ballroom.

Production Sound – We have all the wireless mics, boom mics, and sound recorders needed to record audio for any film. The video below is an example of some of the production sound work we have done.

POST SOUND MIXING – Below is a trailer of Where the Sun Set’s. HEP designed the sound and mixed the film in 5.1 surround. We have what it takes to Edit, Create, and Mix for any film!